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Publications in PDF are common. Adobe Reader is free. You can set your page view to one page at a time; otherwise you navigate through a publication by bookmarks and scrolling.


Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, smartphones - and dedicated reading devices

Dedicated Readers

There are a number of devices that deliver reading material to your handheld reader. You pay for the device and you pay to download reading material. The most popular brand offers free access to Wikipedia. Keep checking for upgrades.

Flipbook Readers

Look at an example to see what they do.

Again, there are a variety of programs that convert a PDF into a page-turning publication. You do not need specialised software or a dedicated reader.

Who is the target audience for this simple English reader?

Click on the Full Screen button in the bottom right hand corner for a better view. Press ESC to return to normal screen. This story is written for students of English. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

This is a ghost story by M. R. James rewritten in simple English for students. San Paper supports the Neilson Hays Library, Bangkok, and its Reading Program.

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