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A6 Art of Art Cards


Why these cards are different

The pictures are not printed directly onto the A6 cardstock but onto art paper and are hand finished. The pictures are then tipped in to the cover of the art card. Each picture is an individual A7 card to remove and keep. These images look good on the kitchen notice board or on the fridge door, or anywhere you fancy; combine them in your own craft. They are good enough to frame or mount on a backing board – and can be the start of your own wall collage.

Structure of the Card

The overall card dimensions are A6 and the detachable picture is A7. Keep the picture, throw the card – if you want. You can provide or suggest pictures but please bear in mind the dimensions of A7: the A series has an aspect ratio of 1 : √2

These cards are unusual and thoughtful and serve as a gift as well as a greeting on a special occasion.

Handmade Mulberry Envelopes and Cardstock

The paper itself is formed in a traditional deckle and mould. The envelopes are ISO Size C6 - 162 x 114 mm. Rough white mulberry is striking, and we also have earth tones envelopes and moon paper mulberry from Chiangmai.

Steve Mongkut 2019