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Wall Art – Gallery and Collage

Departure from Books?

This is not a new venture for San Paper and Layabout Books because we have been making prints and drawings for several years. Vincent displayed our handmade books in what was once the Old Mali, then he acquired the vacated Kobtong Gallery next door – hence the name Vincent’s Restaurant and Gallery.

Our walls are bare,’ declared Vincent, ‘can you fill them?’ ‘Hmmm, I’ll have a go,’ I said: ‘Bare Wall Art?’

Pinterest is a source of art and craft ideas. Have a look at this:

Wall galleries and collages are not restricted to wannabe Bohemian cafés and louche cellar bars. Contemporary interior designers create respectable ensembles by putting old photographs and illustrations into frames and mats of different sizes. Many small pictures outweigh one big pictures in a wall collage. You may want to peer at each one from close quarters. This largely black and white art imitates café decoration where high contrast monochrome shows up in dim light.

The stair wall example contains colour pictures, but the frames remain black and the mats are white. There is a mix of photos and illustrations. San Paper makes prints based on photos or original art. These are hand-finished with pigment ink and charcoal or chalk on archival art paper. We are not old soldiers - we do not simply fade away like photos in the sun.

What Have We Done at Vincent’s?

Here is a brief gallery of events in October 2018. If you would like more information about our prints and drawings – framed and unframed – please get in touch with us through our Contact Page. Our Time Zone is UTC+7 along with Jakarta and Hanoi and an hour behind Singapore and Hong Kong.

Contemporary Wall Art Design for a Study

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Wall Art in the Home

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